S1 Polishing paste

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Sea-Line S1 preffesional Marine polishing paste is a very effective polishing paste. Does not contain silicone.
Recommended for polishing gelcoat surfaces, manufacturing composites, and topcoats. S1 quickly removes scratches and defects after sanding, guaranteeing an ideal surface. Includes high-quality polishing minerals, which ensure a rapid removal of defects.
Achieves a high luster by using a one-step process.
Working with S1 saves time.
Optimal composition.
Does not cause excessive heating of the surface and is easy to clean.

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Product Description

For surface Gelcoat, topcoat, composites, poliuretan paints
Function Eliminates defects;
removes chalking and surface discoloration; high gloss; protection
Type of famage Sanding P1200 and up
Application Hand or machine – rotation max 2000
Recommended applicator Lamb wool, hard sponge
Pack 0,500kg code 35578
Color light green